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We strive to deliver qualitative end-to-end service, through a well-defined process covering every stage of its activity. These processes incorporate the best of contemporary management techniques and features such as pre- and post-review, continuous improvement and continued education to optimize organizational ability to effectively leverage available talent, resources and experience.

We have a state-of-the-art medical transcription facility. MediGraphos Solutions suports all the latest hardware and software and we are constantly re- engineering the transcription process to keep abreast of the advancesp in computer, networking and digital technology. Combining these technologies with transcription skills allows us to provide cost-effective solutions to meet our clients' transcription needs.

MediGraphos Solutions is 100% HIPAA compliant and works in accordance with AHDI guidelines. Variation in speech patterns, various English accents, dialects as well as continuous development in the lexicon of medicine and technology require specialized expertise with continuous evolution of processes. We are committed to make a smooth transition of all these changes with the best practices available to ensure quality transcription. Our staff consists of Experienced Medical Transcriptionists and Quality Assurance Professionals who are committed to working towards achieving organizational objectives.

We offer a plethora of merits that makes us an excellent choice as your next medical transcription service provider. We believe in quality and pay attention to every minute detail with due impetus towards patient demographics and confidentiality. . We even undertake emergency cases and serious cases which have a much lower TAT compared to the normal reports.

Our billing rates are competitive, and we believe that by switching to our service, your billing amount will reduce significantly from your existing rates with improved quality and TAT (when compared to the same volume). Our line count is calculated as per 65 characters per line rule.

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