Welcome to MediGraphos Solutions

    We offer transcription services to medical practitioners, hospitals and other health services in the United States, UK, Canada and other countries.

    We take routine office work out of health care services, leaving the doctor free to focus on patient care. Our work is accurate, affordable and delivered on time every time.

    Due to the advantage of different time zones, we begin our day's work when our physician end theirs. Our well trained and experienced transcriptionists, whose work is supervised, corrected and edited by experts from the field of medicine, ensure that the transcribed files are available at the doctor's desk by the following morning.

    We are a one-stop medical transcription company for all your medical transcription needs. Our exhaustive list of services caters to physicians from every field.

    Our terms and conditions are clear and transparent to our customers. We ensure complete security of all medical records sent to us for transcription.

    Our Vision

    “We are dedicated to simplifying healthcare information delivery to our clients, utilise our expertise to add value to our service resulting in customer satisfaction and an empowered workforce.

    We strive to be a leader in the field of medical transcription by leveraging the above”

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